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State-of-the-art orthodontic treatment for patients who only expect the very best of care in a comfortable environment backed by a reliable customer service team....


Keep on smiling...

Your smile is your greeting to the world . You will know  the moment your braces are removed and you can see your new and enhanced smile ...

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We have helped many patients attain an improved appearance and attractive smiles, and on top of that, increased confidence ...


Healthy teeth and gums...our main priority

The need for healthy teeth and gums is our priority. We stay up to date  with modern techniques and the highest quality materials available in all the relevant fieldsof dentistry, through sustained research and study....



"Dr Herman & Personeel,
Eertens, baie dankie vir die vriendelike en profesionele manier, waarmee julle vir Braam behandel het Saterdag – sulke diens kry mens regtig nie meer vandag nie."
Karlien Albertyn

"My experience with braces has been worthwhile and I am extremely happy with the results  Dr. Uys and his team have given me. I am very grateful. This has been a life-changing experience. Thank you Dr. Uÿs"
Victoria Embleton

"In die begin was dit baie snaaks. Maar ek is baie tevrede met die uitkoms"
Danielle North

"Dit het my tande mooi gemaak en dit het my beter oor myself laat begin voel."
Cherie van Schoor

"Thank you for everything. The pain and wait was worth it, just as you said. Can’t believe D-day is finally here.  Thank you again."
Ashleigh Chapman

"Ons wil graag baie dankie sê vir al die geduldige verstellings en meet en pas die afgelope 2 jaar. Jeanine se tande is absoluut pragtig. Ons waardeer elkeen wat in hierdie tyd deel gehad het aan haar behandeling.Julle is ‘n spesiale klompie mense en ons het groot waardering vir die verskil wat julle in Jeanine se lewe gemaak het. Mag die Here julle oorvloedig seen."
Jeanine Steenkamp

"My draadjies het my meer selfvertroue gegee"
Sone Nell

"Was die moeite werd en waardeer dit om reguit tande te hê. Sal altyd my tande waardeer. Dit is moeilik om dit in woorde te sit al wat ek wil sê is DANKIE!"
Stephan Visser

"Dit het my selfvertroue gegee en dit het my ‘n goeie glimlag gegee"
Keenen Jordaan

"I am a lot happier with my appearance and it increased my confidence. I am grateful to all the doctors for everything  they did."
Monique MacDonald

"When I brush my teeth it feels like I am brushing nothing. It is an amazing feeling to have such straight smooth teeth."
Melanie MacDonald

"It has been a great experience to go through with my two sisters. I feel as if it is easier to smile and that it was all worth it."
Andrew McDonald


"My experience with braces was not at all what I thought it would be. Before I got my braces I hardly smiled or really looked in the mirror because I wasn’t comfortable with my teeth, and I tried to hide it.
Going to see Dr. Uÿs was the best possible thing I have ever done. With Dr. Uÿs’s help and that of his team members, I can now look in the mirror every second of the day. I feel great about myself and have better self-confidence! Thanks to Dr. Uÿs, his crew, and my parents, I now have a “million dollar smile”!!
When my braces were removed, a bright smile filled the room. My experience with braces came with ease, as the happy and enthusiastic Dr. Uÿs and his staff helped me every step of the way. I remember getting my braces on and thinking, “What am I getting myself into!?” As the months went on, I found I was looking and feeling better each time. It was always a good time when I would go in for my appointments and all of the staff members were very friendly and treated me with great respect. It seemed I had a family at Dr. Uÿs’s that I would visit every month. Not only did Dr. Uys do a wonderful job on my teeth, but the environment he created gave me the best comfort during my appointments.
Thank you so much Dr. Uÿs and staff!!"
Cayce-Lee de Lange


"I am so grateful for the smile that I'm able to wear today and it's all thanks to my braces.
 Having braces for two years was not as painful and burdensome as I thought it would be. My braces helped me correct an unattractive and painful overbite and gave me a confident smile to be proud of!
 Thanks to my braces I have lovely straight teeth and a big smile :-), Many thanks"
Tertia Lotter


"A a 47 year old male, needing braces,  was quite hesitant and wasn't sure if I really wanted to go through with this. I was not thrilled about needing braces at all.
The day I went for my consultation you guys were all so friendly. Throughout the treatment you made me feel like part of the family, greeting me with a smile every time, and calling me by name. I'm so happy I went through with it and I will recommend everyone i know to you.
You guys were great. Thank you.
For me it was truly a wonderful experience. I am sure that I definitely chose the best orthodontist. You were always on time for appointments and greeted me personally every time I walked through the door.
The staff always made me feel welcome and they were always friendly.
I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my treatment, and even more impressed that the treatment was completed exactly on schedule as promised.
I feel that I have received nothing but the best care from you and all of your staff. You guys are truly amazing.
Thank you so much for all you have done to make my treatment as pleasant and comfortable as you did."
Pieter Kuypers


About Smiling Orthodontics

Smiling Orthodontics offers a full spectrum of orthodontic treatment services in a caring and pleasant environment. We use quality products and materials for every dental procedure. It is our objective to serve our patients with treatment that address their individual concerns. Our clinics are equipped with the latest and most modern dental equipment. We use current technology that guarantees an optimal and world class standard of orthodontic care. Our team will go that extra mile for you!

The need for healthy teeth and gums is one of our main priorities. We stay up to date through sustained continuous professional education.